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työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö

Research and Innovation Council  

Research and Innovation Council, chaired by the Prime Minister, advises the Government and its Ministries in important matters relating to the direction, follow-up, evaluation and coordination of research, technology and innovation policy and prepares relevant plans and proposals. The present Council will work until the next parliamentary election in 2015. 

Core Document on Science and innovation

In December 2010, the Research and Innovation Council adopted the policy report on education, research and innovation policy. This report forms the core document of Finland's policy on science and innovation for the term of government.

The Council defines the main outlines of the national strategy and presents a development programme for the next few years. The aim is for Finland to strengthen its position among the world's leading knowledge- and skills-based countries. Growth in productivity is a prerequisite for balanced, sustainable development. Economic growth and positive development of the national economy, sustainable renewal of society and the well-being of citizens are supported by education, research and innovation policy. The development programme accelerates the innovation system reforms launched in the current term of government.

RIC Press Release 21-12-2010 (pdf) (23.6 KB)

Research and Innovation Policy Guidelines for 2011-2015 (pdf) (1.2 MB)

Term of Office

The members of the Science and Technology Policy Council continue to work as the Research and Innovation Council until 2015.


The remit of the Council shall be to assist the Government and its ministries by

  • following national and international developments in research, technology and innovation
  • reviewing the field and developments in it
  • addressing major matters relating to the development of science, technology and innovation policy and the human resources they entail and preparing proposals and plans concerning these for the Government
  • preparing matters relating to the development and allocation of public research and innovation funding on a preparatory basis for the Government
  • coordinating Government activities in the field of science, technology and innovation policy and
  • executing other tasks assigned to it by the Government.


Technology and Innovation Section
Chief Planning Officer Kai Husso
Tel. +358 1 0606 3683
E-mail: kai.husso(at)

Secretary General
Anssi Mälkki
E-mail: anssi.malkki(at)



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