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Tourism’s significance to Finland’s national economy

Angry Birds ParkA total of €13.3 bn was spent on tourism in 2012 in Finland. This includes the consumption expenditure of Finnish and foreign tourists. Foreign travellers accounted for 32 per cent (€4.2 bn) of total tourism consumption.


Tourism’s share of GDP

In 2012, the value added generated by tourism amounted to €4.43 bn i.e. 2.7 per cent of Finland’s GDP. When compared to value added elsewhere, that of tourism was larger than the food industry’s, over twice as high as agriculture’s and many times as that made of the game industry.


Employment impact of tourism

According to the tourism account, total employment in the tourism sector was calculated as 63,944 people in 2007. This figure includes all full or part-time, year-round jobs in the catering and accommodation sectors and travel agencies, and other corresponding employers. Jobs located in other sectors, but providing services for tourism in particular, are included.

Page last updated: 21.02.2014

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