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työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö

Business development

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy develops the operating conditions of enterprises in order to improve Finland’s competitiveness. Our tools in this work are services for developing enterprises’ business, financing granted to enterprises, legislation improving the operating environment and projects aimed at developing the various industries.

The Ministry develops the business of enterprises with corporate training and branded expert services. Internationalisation services and product development aid are intended for promoting the growth of enterprises. We enhance the networking of SMEs and measurements of their intangible capital.

Encouragement to entrepreneurship means improving the entrepreneurship culture and business conditions. We cooperate with other authorities to alleviate the administrative burdens with means provided by information technology and to lower the barriers to entrepreneurship.

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy strives for creating favourable conditions for the actors in business life to improve their competitiveness in terms of quality.

Page last updated: 17.02.2014