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Year 2012

19.01.2012 13:23

Pantsar-Kallio to manage the strategic programme for environmental operations

On 19 January 2012, the Finnish Government appointed university lecturer Dr Mari Pantsar-Kallio (43) as the leader of the strategic programme for environmental operations for the period 1 February 2012 - 30 September 2015, or for the term of the strategic programme if this is shorter.


The task of the new strategic programme for environmental operations is to promote growth, business activities, innovations and globalisation in the field in Finland by bringing together the operators and measures for development of the field.


The fixed-term programme, which is located administratively at the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, shall operate under the direction of the government’s economic ministerial committee, and the Minister of Economic Affairs, Jyri Häkämies, is responsible for it. Start-up of the programme has been entered in Prime Minister Katainen’s government programme.


The areas of focus planned by the programme include, amongst others, innovations, promotion of green business activities by developing the operational environment, the coordination of development projects in the field and ensuring that the supporting framework is sound, and linking research and product-development activities in the field. Another area of focus will be the establishment of a collaborative forum for the development of extensive common goals and globalisation of the markets.


Pantsar-Kallio has worked for 17 years on managerial and specialist tasks in the environmental field. At the moment, she works as Programme Director for Lahti Science and Business Park.


Pantsar-Kallio is responsible for Finland’s environmental-technology (Cleantech) cluster’s strategy and the management of its operational work. Within the Cleantech Cluster, there are more than 350 Finnish businesses, research institutes and investors. The duty of the Cleantech Cluster is to promote the growth and globalisation of Finland’s environmental operations together with other Finnish innovation-system operators and export-promotion organisations.


Pantsar-Kallio has also worked as the leader of UPM’s global environmental analyst team and as an environmental expert during the period 2000-2007 and as a lecturer at the University of Helsinki.


Further information is available from:

Minister of Economic Affairs, Jyri Häkämies, tel. +358 10 606 3500

Labour Market Counsellor, Jussi Toppila, Ministry of Labour, tel. +358 10 604 8070

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