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työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö

We develop electronic enterprise services

The e-services of Enterprise Finland ( bring together all public services for enterprises in a customer-oriented manner. The e-service is intended for enterprises and for people planning to go into business.

The e-service has information on starting, developing, and internationalisation of a business, as well as on being an employer and on an entrepreneur's legal obligations. Information offered in the service is also useful to people interested in entrepreneurship, such as students, teachers, and public players. The My Enterprise Finland service, which operates as part of the Enterprise Finland e-services, is a workspace based on the user's profile information. My Enterprise Finland is an online service for enterprises and those setting up an enterprise, to help handle company matters.

The service brings together the tools and electronic business services that are most suitable to the situation of the enterprise easily, so that they are accessible from one place. The functions of the My Enterprise Finland service and the selection of services are replenished and added to constantly.

The Enterprise Finland e-service is owned by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, and the administration, technical maintenance and coordination of the development projects, and the competitive bidding for those implementing it is the work of the Regional Administration Information Management Unit (AHTi). 

The Enterprise Finland service is part of the business service system, whose implementation is the responsibility of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The business service system is part of the Action Programme for eServices and eDemocracy (SADe Programme), which is coordinated by the Ministry of Finance, and which gives citizens and officials access to electronic business services. In addition, the services of companies that are expanding abroad are electrified, and their development is financed through the Enterprise Finland development programme (ESF).

Page last updated: 07.05.2014

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