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Studies of the administrative burden and administrative costs on businesses

The objective of the Action Plan is to reduce the administrative burden on businesses by one quarter by the end of 2012. Studies on administrative costs and the burden on businesses have been conducted in all eight priority areas of the Action Plan. Estimates in euro have been prepared, both on the overall burden on businesses and the initial level of burden in each priority area.

Baseline studies of the burden have been implemented either as company interviews based on the standard cost model (SCM), or smaller-scale enterprise surveys, in cooperation with the ministries in charge and stakeholders.

The Action plan includes a total of eight priority areas:
  1. Taxation
  2. Statistics
  3. Agricultural subsidies
  4. Food safety and quality
  5. Employers’ information obligations
  6. Financial reporting
  7. Environmental permits
  8. Public procurement

Baseline studies of the administrative burden on businesses

Estimate on administrative burden of taxation (in Finnish) (pdf)(pdf) (26.2 KB) Administrative costs of tasks within the tax account system (in Finnish) (pdf) (107 KB)Appendices to survey (in Finnish) (pdf) (26.5 KB) Pilot survey of administrative costs caused to businesses by value added tax legislation (2007) (in Finnish) (pdf) (363.9 KB)
Employers’ information obligationsStudy on administrative costs incurred by enterprises –employers’ obligations (in Finnish) (pdf) (1 MB)Correction to calculations regarding certain employer obligations (in Finnish) (pdf) (8.7 KB) Administrative costs and burden caused by applying for wage subsidy and settlement of accounts (pdf) (in Finnish) (pdf) (144.2 KB) Supplementary study of the burden on small enterprises caused by key employer obligations (pdf) (in Finnish) (pdf) (251.5 KB)
Public procurement Estimate of burden due to public procurement (in Finnish) (pdf)(23.3 KB) Study on administrative costs on enterprises and contracting authorities – Public procurement (in Finnish) (pdf) (988.6 KB)
Financial reporting Study on administrative costs incurred by enterprises – Financial reporting (in Finnish) (pdf) (673.6 KB)
Environmental permits Study on administrative burden of environmental permits (in Finnish) (pdf) (118.2 KB)
Food safety and qualityStudy on administrative burden of food safety (in Finnish) (pdf) (404.5 KB)
Statistics Adminisrative burden of statistics (in Finnish) (pdf) (49.2 KB)
Agricultural subsidies Study on administrative burden of agricultural subsidies (in Finnish) (pdf) (48.5 KB)

Other studies

Government Institute for Economic Research VATT (2011): Study on the overall economic impact of reducing the administrative burden placed on businesses (in Finnish) (pdf) (769.1 KB)

Government Institute for Economic Research VATT (2008): The administrative burden on businesses – legislative areas causing the heaviest burden (in Finnish) (pdf) (346.3 KB)

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