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Energy Efficiency in Awarding Public Contracts

The energy efficiency of machinery and equipment is governed by the Act on Energy Efficiency of Machinery and Equipment (1241/1997), including stipulations on the regulatory compliance of equipment, verification measures, inspection institutes and monitoring systems. Machinery and equipment suppliers are responsible for ensuring that the machinery and equipment itself, as well as the information provided in the attached energy information sheet, fulfil the related legal requirements and stipulations. The Safety Technology Authority acts as the regulatory authority in these matters.

Energy efficiency requirements or energy markings can be imposed specifically on a certain group of machinery and equipment:

–        Electrical machinery and equipment

–        Vehicles and work machinery

–        Renovation and rebuilding projects


From the energy consumption perspective, it is important that machinery be installed and used in the correct manner and, accordingly, the instructions provide guidance for that too. The Ministry of Employment and the Economy will update the recommendations during 2008.

Page last updated: 21.02.2012