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työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö

Quality promotion

The quality of products, production processes and services is one of the central success factors in all business activity. The productivity and economic competitiveness of industrial and service companies correspond to the quality management standard. The public sector, too, is making more and more inputs in quality work. The Ministry of Trade and Industry aims to create favourable preconditions for business actors to improve their competitiveness in terms of quality.

Quality promotion consists of the following:

  • maintenance of the basic structures of quality: national measurement standard activity (metrology activities), accreditation, testing, inspection and certification, standardisation and technical regulation
  • quality systems and quality management
  • quality award activities and benchmarking
  • quality research
  • cooperation in industrial quality work at the EU level.
Quality promotion aims at enhancing Finland’s quality competitiveness to attain the international standard. The Ministry participates in financing of quality projects of public utility. These include organisation of the Finnish quality award competition, among other things.

Page last updated: 25.10.2011

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