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työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö

Research, technology and expertise

Research and expertise are the most important sources of, and preconditions for, innovation. Scientific and technological research create new knowledge, whose application boosts national competitiveness and prosperity. The diversity of innovation relies on a strong research base as well as other factors, such as a climate and ways of working that encourage innovation, creativity and the ability to take risks.


Anticipating and assessing the need for research and expertise is a way to respond continuously to changing global challenges in the operating environment. Multidisciplinary skills and expertise, a holistic view, and an appreciation of complexity are vitally important in the development and management of research and training. Immense structural changes are under way in the world of research and training.


The knowledge base for improving expertise and for financing research, development and innovation (R&D&I) is also being strengthened the whole time. Research and development are being financed and managed via Tekes and VTT. This will create opportunities for innovation in businesses and in the public sector.


In order to survive in a world of ever fiercer competition we need cooperation between universities, research institutes and business. It is also crucially important to network with international actors.


Evaluation of the Finnish National Innovation System was published in October 2009.


Policy Report (pdf) (2.1 MB)

Full Report (pdf) (3.3 MB)

Policy Report - Figures (pdf) (5.1 MB)

21 polkua Kitkattomaan Suomeen – ICT 2015 -työryhmän raportti (pdf) (258.2 KB)

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