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Cooperation along the external borders of the EU (ENPI CBC)

During the 2007–2013 programming period, cooperation across the European Union's external borders will be carried out under the Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) and the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA). These instruments will receive funding under the European Territorial Cooperation objectives from a separate allocation to cross-border cooperation along the EU's external borders. In the 2000–2006 programming period, cross-border cooperation along external borders was covered by Interreg and neighbourhood programmes.


Cross-border cooperation along external borders is based on the ENPI and IPA Regulations. In Finland, preparations for the regulations have been coordinated by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The ENPI Regulation includes more general provisions for the cross-border programmes than some other regulations, such as those defining cross-border cooperation programmes across internal borders under the Structural Funds Regulations. For this reason, the Commission's strategy paper for the ENPI CBC and the Regulation containing provisions for implementing the Instrument will be essential to the management of future programmes. Preparations for drafting the national ENPI legislation are currently underway in Finland.


The Commission's four general objectives to be included in each programme are as follows:

  1. Promoting economic and social development
  2. Addressing common challenges
  3. Ensurring efficient and secure borders
  4. Promoting local cross-border "people-to-people" actions

ENPI CBC programmes carried out in Finland

According to the Commission's Strategy Paper, three ENPI CBC programmes will be implemented across the Finnish and Russian border during the 2007–2013 programming period. These will cover the areas previously included under the South-eastern Finland-Russia, Euregio-Karelia and North/Kolarctic neighbourhood programmes. Total EU funding for the programmes will amount to around 87.6 million euros.

Page last updated: 07.08.2012