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työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö

Ministry of Employment and the Economy: Units and Departments

Corporate steering unit

The Unit is headed by Permanent Secretary Jari Gusfafsson



Employment and Entrepreneurship Department

The Department is headed by Director-General Tuija Oivo.



  • Strategy and Steering, Kimmo Ruuth
  • Employment and enterprise services, Jarmo Palm
  • Competencies and quality of working life, Teija Felt
  • Structural unemployment and livelihood, Päivi Kerminen
  • Integration of immigrants, Kristina Stenman

Labour and Trade Department

The Department is headed by Director-General Pekka Timonen.



  • Better regulation, Pasi Järvinen
  • Labour law, Tarja Kröger
  • Internal market policy and business law, Antti Riivari
  • Consumer policy and technical regulation, Tomi Lounema
  • Competition policy, Elise Pekkala

Enterprise and Innovation Department

 The Department is headed by Director-General Petri Peltonen.



  • Enterprise policy, Sakari Immonen
  • Innovation policy, Petri Lehto
  • Strategic growth branches, Mika Aalto
  • Exports and international investments, Severi Keinälä
  • Guidance and economy, Marjukka Aarnio

Energy department

The Department is headed by Director-General Riku Huttunen


  • Energy markets, Petteri Kuuva
  • Energy efficiency and emissions trading, Timo Ritonummi
  • Renewable energy, Päivi Janka
  • Nuclear energy and fuels, Herkko Plit

Regional Department

The Department is headed by Director-General Taina Susiluoto.



  • Coordination and finance, Mari Anttikoski
  • Regional governance and policies, Marja-Riitta Pihlman
  • Structural change and international cooperation, Tapani Mattila
  • Structural fund, Kaisa-Leena Lintilä

Other units

Media and Communications Unit,  Director of Communications Mervi Liukkonen

Human Resources and Administration Unit, Director of Human Resources Heidi Nummela

Internal auditing, Director of Audit Unit Juha Pekka Niemi


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