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Nuclear power plant Olkiluoto 3

On 17 January 2002, the Government made a favourable decision-in-principle on TVO’s project and Parliament ratified it on 24 May 2002.

On 8 January 2004, Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO) submitted to the Government an application for a construction licence subject to the Nuclear Energy Act for the construction of a nuclear power plant unit called Olkiluoto 3 on the island of Olkiluoto, in the municipality of Eurajoki. Finnish government granted the construction licence on 17 February 2005.


The pressurised water reactor type EPR (European Pressurised Water Reactor), which was presented in the application for a construction licence, was one of the plant alternatives for which TVO made a feasibility study at the stage of the decision-in-principle. The reactor thermal power will be 4,300 MW. The electrical output of the plant unit will be around 1,600 MW and its estimated technical operating lifetime around 60 years. The plant unit is supplied by the French-German Areva-Siemens-consortium.


The handling of the application for a construction licence included a statutory procedure for comments. To draft the licence decision, the Ministry of Trade and Industry invited comments from several different ministries and certain other authorities and communities. In the handling of the application, it was especially ensured that the plant unit selected will meet the safety requirements set. The statement of the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) played a key role in the drafting of the licence decision. Citizens could express their opinions on the project to the Ministry of Trade and Industry, today the Ministry of Employment and the Economy in writing or via the Internet.


According to the estimate of TVO the construction of the plant unit last until 2013. At the final construction stage TVO is to still submit a statutory application for an operating licence to the Government. The handling of this licence application, too, is expected to last for a year or so. After granting the operating licence, the commissioning of the plant unit could thus take place in 2014.


You can find the construction licence, application for the construction licence in English, information on the project’s advancement up to now and on the licensing process of the nuclear power plant, as well other up-to-date information on the project on this website and through the links below. The external links provide, for example, the plans of the safety control by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Authority and the data submitted by the applicant, i.e. the constructor of the nuclear power plant unit. The waste management of the new power plant unit will be carried out following the waste disposal principles of the present nuclear power plants. These web pages also contain information on the waste management.

Construction Licence (pdf) (282.5 KB)
Decision-making (pdf) (124.1 KB)
Plant licensing (pdf) (102.2 KB)
STUK - Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority Finland
Teollisuuden Voima Oyj

Comments and Opinions

The comments received by the Ministry of Trade and Industry on the application for a construction licence for the Olkiluoto 3 Nuclear Power Plant Unit are all placed on the Finnish page. Those, which were received in English or German, are placed also here. The Ministry invited comments by letters dated 13 January 2004 and published an advertisement in six newspapers on 21 January 2004. The Ministry set the deadline for the comments to be 1 May 2004. 

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