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Development of the EnterpriseFinland service system

Research and surveys show that the Finnish business service system is complex and fragmented. The objective of developing the EnterpriseFinland service system is to bring together various public business services to form more customer-oriented service packages.


The goal is to ensure an equal supply of public business services on uniform grounds for enterprises and founders of enterprises throughout the country, as effortlessly as possible and based on the same operating model. The EnterpriseFinland brand will be adopted for the purposes of disseminating information on public business services, in order to gather fragmented Finnish business services under a single brand. In addition to improved customer-orientation, a key goal is to enhance the productivity of the business service system.


EnterpriseFinland services are provided through three service channels:

  1. face-to-face customer service provided by key actors, and in the future, by various regional actors
  2. EnterpriseFinland web services (
  3. the EnterpriseFinland telephone service. In its early stages, the EnterpriseFinland phone service is only targeted at start-up enterprises. Later on, the service will be expanded to cover existing enterprises.

Supported by its administrative sector organisations and stakeholders, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy is responsible for developing the EnterpriseFinland services. The nationwide EnterpriseFinland network is formed by the MEE, Finnvera, Finpro, the Foundation for Finnish Inventions, the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd, Tekes, the ELY Centres, the TE Offices and the Tax Administration.


The network also includes approximately 50 regional business services. In addition to the ELY Centres, providers who have made cooperation agreements on these services include actors such as the TE Offices, municipality-owned regional development organisations, new enterprise centres, ProAgria Centres, local Tax Offices, technology centres and business incubators.


Regional business services may include the participation of the following parties: Finnvera, Tekes, the Foundation for Finnish Inventions, business service enterprises, entrepreneur organisations, chambers of commerce, educational institutions, Local Register Offices, Leader groups and various business service projects. One additional key cooperation partner is the Regional Administration Information Management Unit (Finnish abbreviation: AHTI). Together with the MEE Corporate, it is responsible for the maintenance and development of the EnterpriseFinland web service (


The service renewal work has proven the importance of future coordination of business services. Joint development of online services in particular will generate considerable productivity benefits, with joint solutions emphasised and the compatibility of services ensured. Joint development is essential in service processes (e.g. establishing a business) which involve several administrative sectors. Moreover, the provision of electronic services has been considered a key factor in easing the administrative burden on enterprises imposed by the public sector.

Within the administrative sector of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy (MEE), the goal of developing the EnterpriseFinland service packages is described in the MEE’s Corporate Customer Relationship Strategy (1 June 2009). The Corporate Customer Relationship Strategy defines MEE Corporate’s shared operating model for corporate customer relationship management. This operating model is based on the corporate customer segments mutually agreed by operators within the administrative sector. The goal is to facilitate the joint development of services on a more continuous basis. MEE Corporate’s Development Programme for Corporate Customer Relationships was created as the result of customer relationship strategy work.

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