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työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö

Integration of immigrants


maahanmuuttaja2 280x145The Ministry of Employment and the Economy is responsible for the preparation of issues related to integration in Finland. Minister of Labour Jari Lindström acts as the minister responsible for integration-related issues.


The focus areas of integration policy include e.g. fostering a sense of solidarity and belonging to society among immigrants, along with two-way integration, supporting immigrant families and promoting the employment of adult immigrants, particularly by developing the teaching of Finnish and Swedish.


In addition, the integration policy emphasises the integration of immigrants as municipal residents and the smooth and controlled direction of people under international protection towards municipalities, as well as good cooperation between the state and municipalities. Inclusion of civil society in integration efforts is also an important foundation of integration policy.


In recent years, immigration has both increased and diversified. According to forecasts, the number of foreign inhabitants in Finland will rise to half a million people by 2030.


A successful integration policy requires the commitment of all administrative branches to equality, non-discrimination and the prevention of racism, as well as the promotion of positive attitudes.

Definition of integration and integration services

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