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EIA report by Fennovoima

The assessment report (EIA report) includes descriptions of the project and its alternatives, a report on the environment and the environmental impacts of the project and its alternatives, alongside proposals for measures to prevent and restrict any detrimental environmental impacts.

Fennovoima submitted the EIA report to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, 13. February 2014. The Ministry acting as the contact authority for the projects EIA, will circulate the assessment report 24.02-24.04.2014. The contact authority´s statement is expected to be ready in June 2014.

Fennovoima EIA report 2014 EN (pdf) (15.1 MB)

Fennovoima EIA summary 2014 EN (pdf) (758.2 KB)

Statement by the contact authority 2 6 2014 (pdf) (221.6 KB)

Fennovoima VVM Sammendrag 2014 DA (pdf) (793.9 KB)

Fennovoima UVP Zusammenfassung 2014 DE (pdf) (796.7 KB) Fennovoima EIA Kokkuvote 2014 ET (pdf) (824.1 KB)

Fennovoima IVN Kopsavilkums 2014 LV (pdf) (793.4 KB)

Fennovoima OOS Podsumowanie 2014 PL (pdf) (834.8 KB)

Fennvovoima EIA Summary 2014 RU (pdf) (825.8 KB)

Fennovoima MKB sammanfattning 2014 SE (pdf) (744.6 KB)

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