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Non-military service

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy manages, supervises and develops the non-military service option. The Civilian Service Centre is responsible for the realisation of non-military service, organising training relating to the obligations under it, and guidance regarding places of service. The Civilian Service Centre is the development and administrative centre for the ELY Centres and TE (Employment and Economic Development) Offices (KEHA-Centre).

Someone can apply to do non-military service on the grounds of his convictions. It is a substitute for military service under the Conscription Act. The Non-military Service Act and Decree lay down provisions for non-military service.


The period prescribed for non-military service is 347 days. There is no obligation to repeat the training. Non-military service consists of a period of basic training lasting 28 days and around 10,5 months of service work. The latter is done in places of service approved by the Civilian Service Centre. There are approximately 2,000 such places around the country.


The benefits that accrue during the period of non-military service are determined according to the same criteria as those for conscripts. Maintenance costs (daily allowances, food, accommodation, healthcare and travel) are the responsibility of the place where the service work is done.


Non-military service can be applied for when someone is called up or afterwards or as an option to conscripted service that has begun.


The application form in Finnish: Siviilipalvelushakemus, lomake (


The application is submitted to either the Draft Board, the commander of the relevant unit, or the Defence Forces’ regional office.


A place in non-military service can be applied for by submitting a written application to the Civilian Service Centre. Additional information is available by clicking on the link.


The changed significance of non-military service within the context of national service as a whole – Research report using pre- and post-non-military service questionnaires, 2015 (abstract)

Non-Military Service 2020 - Working Group Report, 2011 (abstract)

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