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työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö

Year 2011


Ministerial group: every Finnish person can contribute to immigrant integration

On 7 December, the ministerial working group for integration and migration policy set out preliminary targets for the integration policy for the current term of government. The ministers emphasised that successful integration requires positive attitudes and functioning interaction between various population groups.

This is the responsibility of especially the political decision-makers, the authorities and other public actors. Every Finnish person is responsible for functioning everyday interaction.


The outlines set out by the ministerial group led by Minister of Labour Lauri Ihalainen pave the way for further preparation of the government’s integration programme that is currently under preparation. Prepared in cooperation with several ministries, the integration programme is based on the Integration Act that entered into force in early September. The purpose of the programme is to strengthen cross-administrative cooperation, to clarify the national integration targets in a more systematic way than at present, and to intensify the planning and monitoring of integration activities throughout the country.


In addition to positive attitudes, Minister Ihalainen emphasised the significance of language, work and training in successful integration.


The preparation of the integration programme continues, e.g. by hearing from a broad range of actors at the regional and local level, as well as immigrants themselves.  The programme will be finalised by the end of May next year. Authorities from various administrative sectors can support immigrant integration with basic services and measures complying with the Integration Act. Therefore, each ministry will set targets and measures for the development of integration in accordance with its own administrative sector.


Up to the end of 2011, the preparation of the integration programme will be steered bythe Ministry of the Interior, and from the beginning of 2012 by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The handover is due to the fact that immigrant integration issues in their entirety will be transferred from the Ministry of the Interior to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy from the beginning of  accordance with the 2012 inGovernment Programme.


Further information:


Pilvi Torsti, Special Adviser to the Minister of Labour, tel. 040 719 1206

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